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Company Profile

ShundeSamyang Co., Ltd. (Samyang for short) was born in Shunde, China's manufacturing base. With the support of customers all over the country, Samyang has continuously carried out scientific and technological innovation and established a people-oriented system and has also established a brand in the industry to form a reputation.

Samyang Technology Co., Ltd. describes to you the future development of intelligent manufacturing and the prospect of intelligent factory. We believe that work is the foundation of happiness and that turning dreams into reality is the direction of our products. Samyang will strive to improve your working environment, and its products will reflect, create value and realize your dreams with you. Samyang Technology Co., Ltd. knows how to solve the problem for you best.



It is our responsibility to serve customers in different industries. Be your all-round assistant by your side.


Professional Team

Cultivate outstanding talents in the industry, establish a strong professional team


Custom R&D

Tailor products of various specifications for customers. Not only has complete quality assurance


Quality Throughout

One-stop assembly line operation, pay attention to every link and detail control of the production process to ensure product quality.


Exquisite Craftsmanship

Regard quality as the life of the company, pay close attention to product quality,


Continuous Improvement

We take the customer as the center, take high quality as the goal, do our best to eliminate all possible quality hazards


Pursue Excellence

We take "zero defects, zero delays, and zero complaints" as our goal, insist on doing things right the first time

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Sanyang Co., Ltd. was established in 2004


In 2015, a wholly-owned subsidiary Sanyang Robotics Company was established


Completed the shareholding system reform in 2013


Established a wholly-owned subsidiary Sanyang Network Technology Company in 2018


Sanyang was born in the soil of Shunde, a manufacturing base in China

Brand Interpretation


Sanyang's products stem from strong innovation capabilities. Sanyang has always attached great importance to the research and development of product informatization, automation and intelligence. It has many years of industry experience in the field of microelectronics technology and precision machinery manufacturing. It has established a provincial engineering center-Guangdong Province Precision Metal Zipper Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, And obtained 20 invention patents. Sanyang Co., Ltd. continuously optimizes product design, improves product operation efficiency and reliability, and better reflects the design concepts of product automation, intelligence, and data and system integration. Stable and reliable design, tailor-made products, and meticulous and thoughtful service are the word of mouth for customers to give back to Sanyang; advanced production technology, precise measurement and control technology, and systematic management mode integrated into the automated production process are our products. Set of design concepts.


Production Capacity

Sanyang was born in the soil of Shunde, a manufacturing base in China

ShundeSamyang Co., Ltd.

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Address: No. 30-3, Zone B, Fu'an Industrial Zone, Leliu Street, Shunde District, Foshan City


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