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Sustainable development of electroplating production line mode

The sustainable development of the electroplating industry model is an electroplating production model that integrates resource conservation, environmental protection, and efficiency improvement of the electroplating production line. This model requires the electroplating equipment factory not only to formulate plans from the perspective of electroplating process and environmental protection, but also to leave sufficient room for sustainable development in terms of reasonable energy structure, resource saving and reuse, for example, Basically, the use of water-free technology, the so-called zero-emission technology, will change the previous emission model that only aims to meet emission standards even if there is a drainage system, but the water resources themselves and the recyclable metals in the water will be changed. Recycle them all.

Which fields can the high-frequency switching rectifier function be applied to?

The high-frequency switching DC power supply is simply a high-frequency switching rectifier or DC power supply. This is a new high-tech power supply product that uses high-frequency electronic circuit technology and PWM pulse width modulation technology, which greatly improves the overall equipment The output current and voltage can thus output large or even large power, which can provide production power for larger surface treatment production lines. So what are the application fields of high-frequency switching rectifiers?

What problems should be paid attention to during the use of electroplating rectifier

Pulse electroplating power supply is a new type of electroplating power supply, and it is also a kind of power supply that is widely used in the electroplating industry. In the process of using the pulse plating power supply, the following issues need to be paid attention to.

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